5 reasons to do your internship abroad

  • For your personal challenge

You may want to go already for a while to that country, which has your attention. It gives you the opportunity to see how agriculture develops there. A very different environment with other machines and other work methods. And now you have the chance to do it , soon as you have a job and a mortgage, it is more difficult to enter the challenge.

  • You get to know a different culture and language.

Your new environment has very different habits and different backgrounds. You learn how to deal with this, this will increase your skills in social and cultural fields. When you come back from your internship, you will first have to get used to your old home, but you’re a huge experience richer, you’re stronger . The internship gives you the opportunity to learn to speak and understand a foreign language. Your internship abroad just enhances your world .

  • You get to know new people, you extend your network.

Your internship will give you the chance to get to know new people where you live for a while. This is not only fun, you will get to learn ourself better, will be better at finding solutions to problems. This may be practical difficulties or differences through communication. New contacts can be handy later in your life and your career.

  • Personal development.

You have to arrange several things before you can go abroad for your internship. And in your new environment you meet new things, which you need to make your own. That’s a challenge, you learn to know yourself better. Occasionally you have to be pretty flexible in your new environment. This may be at work, or at home, the food and also the weather may be quite different. An internship abroad is a wonderful experience for life.

  • You will increase your chances of employment.

Your internship abroad is good for your Curriculum Vitae. It will be appreciated by employers when you have gained experience abroad, it will instantly distinguish you from other applicants who do not have it on their resume. Your employment opportunities are enhanced by your experience abroad.

  • A unique adventure.

In short, an internship abroad is a great experience you will engage. You’ll be in a different way seeing the world from now on. So take this opportunity !

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