Insurance internship abroad

Which insurance is best for me? 

An important part of preparing your internship is your insurance. It is important that you are properly insured when going abroad. Costs of health care differ very much and are often very much higher than in the Netherlands. Should something happen then it is reassuring that at least you’re well insured .

Where do an internship? If you remain within the EEC (the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Switzerland or Australia, then you have the right to necessary medical care with your required EHIC-pas. The EHIC stands for European Health Insurance Card, many Dutch insurers combine their medical health insurance card with this EHIC-pas. If you do not have a EHIC-pas, then you should request it at your health care provider before you leave.

Health care costs may be high and your own insurance covers often for a limited duration. It is therefore advisable to read carefully your own insurance, also the small printed letters, and if necessary, take extra insurance.

When choosing a travel insurance you will need to take into account:

  • the purpose of your trip (internship, holiday)
  • the duration of your travel
  • the coverage of your health insurance
  • the risks you want to insure

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